Elegant & Memorable

Natural Skin Solutions

The Challenge: Down to Earth

Natural Skin Solutions specializes in taking a holistic approach to beauty and skin care. The founder was looking for a new brand identity that embodied their natural concept with a new, fresh and modern style. The biggest challenge was to communicate this "modern natural" message without sending an arrogant or "snobby" attitude.

The Solution:

The key to unlocking Natural Skin Solutions'new modernized brand was through their existing materials by singling out their core message, "Obtaining beautiful healthy skin at any age.". Ultimately, the design was created by combining beautiful pastel earth tones with a stylish contemporary font to achieve beautiful results with a fresh welcoming new look.

Professional, Bold, & Eye Catching

The Challenge: Keep it simple!

Signature RX is a prescription funding service. Their vision was to have a professional logo that was simplistic yet easy to remember, like the McDonald's Golden Arches or Nike Swoosh.

The Solution:

Utilizing all the information they provided during our discovery session the creativity began to flow. Incorporating standard principles of design it was easy to take their spectacular name and design around it...literally. The next step was to collaborate on the  appropriate colors for the logo layout and brand.A striking signature font that is both clean and bold wraps up the design. The end result was a dynamic logo that perfectly represented SignatureRx.

Making a visual impact not only political
Democratic Alliance of Uganda

The Challenge: Create Solidarity

Democratic Alliance of Uganda is a start-up grassroots political organization whose mission is to bring about change and unity in Uganda. When contacted by DAU they stressed how minimal there resources were yet, they needed a logo and image that represented them as strong, united, and a purveyor of hope and change.

The Solution:

Since no prior marketing materials were available to acquire inspiration, the goal was to take the new organization's mission and build on it. To gain respect and support from the older population we decided to create a logo with a traditional appearance and give it a contemporary feel to attract support from Uganda's younger citizens. Implementing imagery and symbolism that inspired hope and change as well as selecting familiar colors from the Ugandan flag completed a logo that instantly appealed to DAU's target market.

Abstract Tranquility
Lance Daur Insight Therapeutic Services

The Challenge: Trust & Comfort

Insight Therapeutic Services is a sobriety mentoring organization whose objective is to work with Attorneys who clientele suffer from addiction. The desire was to expand their assistance efforts onto the world wide web. The most important goal was to upgrade their image to instantly reflect a feeling of trust, competence, and integrity.

The Solution:

A discovery session was held with Insight Therapeutic Services members. During the conversation a plan of action was outlined in order to achieve the appropriate image needed for their organization. It became clear very quickly that the psychology of color and visual communication would be used. The outcome became a logo and brand that will stand the test of time and more importantly, show that they are a service organization that is compassionate and trustworthy.

A Delicious Impact
Loose Birds Chicken & Daiquiris

The Challenge: Tropical Relaxation

Loose Birds specializes in creating an exceptional restaurant experience for their patrons. The owners were looking for a brand identity that fully communicated the experience provided when dining at Loose Birds.

The Solution:

The use of exaggerated jungle type fonts with fun, tropical color combinations brought forward an exciting sense of island style for this brand. The resulting brand identity accentuated the qualities that make Loose Birds Chicken & Daiquiris an unique place to visit.

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